Fatbelly:  Chopper…Unchopped

Fatbelly: Chopper…Unchopped

“I’ve done 23 years 9 several weeks in prison. I’ve done 10 ? years in H Division. I’ve been stabbed 13 occasions in 7 difference episodes. I’ve been hit around the mind with iron bars. I’ve been hit around the mind with claw hammers, shot once, I’ve been go beyond. I’ve survived 60 serves of shock treatment in 6 several weeks, 1 serve 3 days… I’ve had everything completed to me… I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.” Fatbelly is really a raw, unique and gritty portrait of Mark ‘Chopper’ Read’s existence in the own words. Fatbelly recounts probably the most graphic and brutal tales of violence, bloodstream, love and survival from Australia’s most well known gangster. From mental hospitals towards the infamous Pentridge division, this jaw shedding film will give you another knowledge of the person that’s ‘Chopper’.

Genre: Documentary




Duration: 73

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0