Wu Song Untonsured Monk

Wu Song Untonsured Monk

Wu Dalang discovered that Pan and Ximen Qing had committed adultery and were poisoned by two people. Wu Song revenge for the brother, taking Pans first level. Heavy rain at night, Wu Song blood splashed the whole body, went straight to the Lion House to fight Ximen Qing to take his head. Wu Song murdered to the servant to surrender and was sent to Mengzhou. After Wu Song arrived in Mengzhou, he met Shi En, and later avenged the vengeance of Shi En, robbed Jiang Hushen of the Happy Forest Tavern, Zhang Dujian of Mengzhou City, sent Wu Song to the Fuzhong, and arranged the Fuyang Mausoleum in Fuzhong.

Genre: ActionFantasy


Quality: HD